Privacy Policy

At printe5, 100% of security maintained against customer’s online payment details, we do not disclose any payment related data which is highly confidential including credit card, debit card, personal data of our customer excepts for accepting payment from customer and processing photo, text printing from our customers.


We use cookies to capture and render best experience for our user to ensure that customer’s can buy the product they love.

Collection of personal information:

We collect Name, address & phone no only for the product delivery purpose, printe5 does not sell customer’s data to any third parties intends for marketing and promotional purpose.

Secured Gateways:

Printe5 maintains secure gateway through third party vendors and virus scanning tools to ensure that all your account information are safe and regular update on anti virus to maintain secure platform for our customers


We trigger notification for the products loved by our customers, Printe5 does not promote its product through any other platform except our official social media pages.